Atelier Dürrenfeld / Geitel

Pink Forest

Guylaine Cosseron(F), voice
Benjamin Duboc(F), bass
Franz Hautzinger(AUT), trumpet

+ / im zweiten Set
Marlies Debacker – Clavinet
Salim Javaid – Saxophon

Benjamin Duboc is one of the most active artists in the Paris scene of Improvised Music and Jazz Avantgarde . He is creating projects for small and large ensembles, where he passes the borders of music and art in a very individuel way.
Guylaine Cosseron, outstanding vocal artist from the Normandie and austrian trumpeter and composer, Franz Hautzinger where part of one of those projects (Volumes II) and they decided to go on and work together as a formation called Pink Forest. The music has no stylistic borders because all the members are skilled in different music styles which gives the music a very wide range of possibilities..
Pink Forest questions modernity and these primordial acts that push humans to return to the essential and questions their relationship to the wild , the element, the harmony.